Pizza & Prayer

It all began with Pizza & Prayer!

Our first Life Teen Fatima event was Pizza & Prayer on March 27, 2019. That night, 14 teens gave up their Tuesday evenings to see what “this Life Teen thing” was all about. Remarkably, many of the same teens continue to join us each Tuesday night!

The goal of Pizza & Prayer is to casually decrease the distance between how a teen identifies inside church and how they identify outside of church. At P&P, we pray and play in the same space and get a better understanding that our relationship with Christ is continuous. God doesn’t hit the mute button on our lives when we are not in Mass, Pizza & Prayer encourages teens not to hit the mute button on God in return. 

The first half of P&P is dedicated to prayer. This usually includes praise and worship music, reflecting on the upcoming Sunday’s Gospel, and journaling. The second half of the evening is for socializing and catching up with one another.

In 2020, we will be expanding Pizza & Prayer, hosting more sessions and incorporating St. Bridget’s in Maynard.

Be sure to check out the Life Teen Fatima Events Page to catch the next Pizza & Prayer!