High School Faith Formation Modules

Welcome! Here you will find the high school faith formation modules for online learning this semester. Please note, each module has a password that was emailed to the parent/student distribution list.

DateModule TypeNotes
September 8, 2020Sample Module Informational sample module
September 13, 2020Know Thyself – Week 1 (All Grades)Introduction to the new message series
September 20, 2020Know Thyself – Week 2 (Grade 9)

Know Thyself – Week 2 (Grade 10)
Second week of message series
September 27, 2020Know Thyself – Week 3 (All Grades)Third week of message series
October 4, 2020Know Thyself – Week 4 (Grade 9)

Know Thyself – Week 4 (Grade 10)
Conclusion of the message series
October 18, 2020Next Steps – Week 2 (Grade 9)

Next Steps – Week 2 (Grade 10)
Second week of new message series. Please note, there was no module for the first week of this message series but you can watch the homily from the first week by clicking here.
October 25, 2020Next Steps – Week 3 (All Grades)Third week of message series
November 1, 2020Next Steps – Week 4 (All Grades)Fourth week of message series