January 10, 2021 – Introduction to Spring 2021

Introduction and Module Summary

Welcome back and welcome to 2021! This module does not require any heavy lifting. It is just a refresher on the modules and a reminder of the actions items needed for this semester.

Website Changes

During this semester, you’ll see that we’ll be switching over to an “Ascension” Life Teen page in recognition of our new parish name. Eventually, this site will automatically direct to the new site. For the time being, JT will be switching between the fatimasudbury.org and theacescionparish.com email addresses but with the help of email forwards, he will get your messages from either address.

Spring Modules and Content

The modules will follow the spring 2021 Confirmation program schedule and will have the same format as last semester. Since they are not “live” you do not need to complete them on the spot. You will have the entire semester to access and complete your modules. One thing that you’ll notice about this semester is that not all of the teachings will be lined up with the parish message series and readings. Some of the teachings will be more “textbook” Confirmation curriculum. If you would like to visit any of the previous modules from last semester, please visit https://lifeteenfatima.com/fall2020modules/.

Check-In Meeting

Aside from the modules, all ninth grade students will be scheduling an online check-in meeting with JT. These are super casual meetings and will allow us to shape the program more individually around the students. Please don’t wait until May to schedule your meeting. It is much easier to reschedule early if your plans change than to reschedule the last week of the semester. The meetings are very casual and do not require any prep work. They will also give us an opportunity to reflect on your modules form the fall semester. We will be using the GoToMeeting platform for these meetings. You can sign up for your check-in at https://lifeteenfatima.com/spring2021checkin/. Please save the notification email you receive after signing up, it contains the link for accessing the meeting. Initially these meetings were going to fluctuate between being in-person and online but all meetings will now be held online.

Get Involved
The point of the program is for you cultivate a relationship with Christ, and relationships are a two way street. You are encourages to check out some of our social events such as Pizza and Prayer. after in January we wi be launching a teen version of small groups as well. Please check out our events calendar at https://lifeteenfatima.com/event/. Don’t ever be afraid to reach out with questions!