In 2019, Our Lady of Fatima began a new way for Confirming high school teens. Coinciding with the launch of Life Teen Fatima, the parish began using the Life Teen program to incorporate Confirmation curriculum. We expanded from the textbooks and classroom desks to an informative, engaging, and often entertaining program! Instead of traditional classes. Confirmation students attend the Life Nights after the Life Teen Masses. Be sure to check the program overview and schedule for our next Confirmation session!

Our next round of candidates will be receiving the Sacrament of Confirmation in the fall of 2020. Most of the candidates are currently in their sophomore year of high school. It is the role of the parish, particularly the Life Teen program, to guide the candidates and prepare them for this Sacrament. The program’s aim is to form teens in a Eucharist-based environment, encouraging a relationship with Christ.

Please note, due to COVID-19 safety, the Fall 2020 Confirmation program will be conducted entirely online. Be sure to check the program overview and schedule for more information.

A New Way for Confirmation
We desire to move away from a process of asking “Am I required to attend this night?” and harness a process of asking “Am I okay with missing out on this night?”. It is our hope that attending Mass and leading a life of prayer will be a priority for our teens well after their Confirmations. This starts by breaking free of the habit of only participating if it is mandated. While we encourage prioritizing the Sunday Life Nights because of the curriculum, we recommend attending as many Life Teen activities as possible because of opportunities to deepen one’s faith. It is more than understandable that teens will have to miss Life Nights because of other commitments. The goal is to have teens coming to Life Teen events and activities because they are captivated by the content and intrigued by the idea of deepening their faith, not because they fear an attendance penalty.