Confirmation Day at St. Anselm, St. Bridget, and Our Lady of Fatima

Confirmation day is finally here! Congratulations to all of our candidates! The drop-downs below have some helpful Confirmation day reminders.

Arrival Time, Ceremony Length

The church will be opened 20 minutes prior to the posted start time of the ceremony. At this time please begin to enter the church. Weather permitting, please attempt to wait for everyone sitting in your pew before entering the church. This will make the seating process more efficient. Guests should note the name of the Confirmation candidate they are sharing a pew with while being seated. 

The ceremony should last approximately 1 hour after the posted start time. Please remember to factor time for post-ceremony photos into your planing. The church will not be open after the ceremony and all attendees are asked to utilize the the church’s outdoor spaces for post-ceremony prayer and photos.

Seating Assignments

To safely implement social distancing protocols, all seating will be assigned. Seating assignments are determined by group size, flow of ceremony, and timing of reservation. Upon entering the Church you will be guided to your assigned pew. Confirmation Candidates are asked to sit closest to the center aisle of the the church. The candidate’s sponsor (or proxy standing in for the sponsor should sit next to the Confirmation candidate).

Anointing with Oils and Responses

Since we were not able to have a rehearsal session. Please use this information as a refresher:

During the ceremony, Father Souza, will come to each candidate’s pew for an anointing and blessing. When it is your turn, please step in the center aisle with your sponsor or stand-in. Your sponsor or stand-in will display your Confirmation name to Father Souza. You and Father Souza will have the following dialogue during the anointing, please note your responses:

FATHER SOUZA: (your confirmation name), be sealed with the gift of the Holy Spirit.
YOU: Amen!
FATHER SOUZA: Peace be with you.
YOU: And with your spirit!

The anointing process will be mindful of social distancing and pandemic safety.

Sponsors and Stand-Ins

Just a reminder that sponsors are not required to be present for the ceremony. If a teen’s sponsor is unable to attend the ceremony, they can still be the teen’s sponsor. A proxy will be available at the ceremony to stand in for the sponsor but the sponsor on the teen’s paperwork will still be their official sponsor. A parent or relative can stand-in as the teen’s proxy sponsor.    


A church photographer will be present to capture memories during the ceremony, this includes the anointing and blessing of each candidate. Weather permitting, there will also be opportunities for for post-ceremony photos with the church photographer outside as well.

Weather Conditions

Please remember that due to the pandemic, the church will not be able to run any air conditioning during the ceremony. This is to prevent the recirculation of air between guests. Church windows will be opened. Please dress accordingly to the weather conditions.

Thank you so much to our candidates and all of their supporters! Please don’t hesitate to reach out with any additional questions or concerns. We are looking forward to seeing you at Confirmation!