Life Teen Contingency Plan In Place

Greetings All!

A good youth minister has a backup plan when it comes to unforeseen weather, broken technology, and rowdy student behavior. A youth minister who has a backup plan for a global pandemic, however, would have been considered “odd” until about two weeks ago. While we did not have a perfect backup plan for COVID-19 waiting in our back pocket, the team at OLF has been working hard to keep our youth ministry programs thriving. Until we are back in the swing of having “in-person” activities, we will distribute our resources electronically.

Temporary Schedule:
We now have a temporary/online Life Teen schedule in place. Almost weekly, Life Night materials will be posted online for review. These materials will be a mixture of written and audio-visual resources. Resources will not require all teens to be reviewing them at the same time. We will, however, have livestream components throughout our time of “social distance” available for our teens to engage with. The first event being Face Time Bingo tomorrow night (3/22) at 6:30!

Where the “in-person” schedule had to work around the school schedules, our online calendar has more flexibility to it. Teens will have at least a week to review all materials before moving on to new materials. The online schedule has pushed many of the previous scheduled Life Nights ahead in the schedule. We will use the online schedule indefinitely, adding to it if needed, until we are cleared to go back to our “in-person” schedule.

Our first “online” Life Night will have materials available next week (3/29)!

Life Teen Fatima & COVID-19
We have begun to put together some common questions being asked when it comes to how our halt in in-person activities will affect the program. This includes questions on how Confirmation prep will be different. Please visit to review this information.

Additional Resources
We are in an unprecedented time in history. Of course, this can be an anxious and confusing time. In addition to sharing resources for teens in the program, we will be sharing resources for the entire family (and friends!) as well. We start by sharing this video from Ascension Presents called “How Should Catholics Respond to the Coronavirus Pandemic”. It’s a great resource for helping us all balance our faith and reason in times of such uncertainty. The presenter of this video, Fr. Mike Schmitz, will be presenting at the Steubenville East Conference which we are scheduled to attend this summer.