March 8 Life Night Recap

“So Much More”

This “Issue Life Night” took a step back from our vocations. The goal for this night was to understand Jesus’ teaching regarding wealth and materialism. This night will also help the teens guard against attitudes of materialism in their own lives.
The night stressed three points:

  • A life with Christ requires simplicity of life.
  • The Church lifts up the poor and encourages the faithful to emulate their life.
  • Setting right priorities helps us clear our lives to make room for Christ.

Supper for the Soul:

This week’s Supper for the Soul theme was Mac & Cheese! Thank you to all of our volunteers who made the meal possible! Volunteers are needed for future meals throughout the semester. If you are interested in contributing, you can sign-up at


The “Gather” was a mix between the game Monopoly and the current events. Each teen was given an envelope that either had fake money (“JT Bucks”) or a card noting a particular amount of hand sanitizer (this is being posted in the age of Coronavirus/COVID-19). Some evelopes had nothing at all in them. The goal was for each teen to interact with their peers and end up with either the most money, the most sanitizer, or both. Some teens resorted to barter and trade, others to scheming or stealing. Overall, the game helped set the tone for the night that it is easy for materialism to get in the way of loving one another and loving Christ.


After we counted up all of our “JT Bucks” we talked in the “Proclaim” about how out of control we got in trying to accumulate money…that wasn’t event real!

We discussed the 10th Commandment – You shall not covet your neighbors goods. This Commandment isn’t about directly taking possessions, it’s about our desire to do so. The closer we get to material processions is often at a cost of getting more distant from Christ.

We emphasized that there is nothing wrong with desiring something or working hard to obtain it, but how it is easy for us to become reliant on material things that simply cannot offer the infinite amount of love and support that Christ can.


We continued with our policy of collecting cell phones for the “Proclaim”, “Break”, and “Send”. This allowed for more flowing conversation, and less distractions. This week, we broke into male and female small groups and went deeper into what we discussed during the “Proclaim”. We began small group sessions by reading and reflecting on related scripture (Matthew 19:16-26). We discussed materialism and its impact on our culture (the goals we desire to achieve and our concept of success).


Before closing for the evening, we briefly recapped the night. We contemplated Mary’s “yes” to God and her willingness to give up life as she knew it for Jesus. Bringing Jesus into the world required Mary to be seen as culturally taboo but she was open to any burdens. We discussed how this could be an inspiration for us to say “yes” to Jesus by becoming detached from some of our material habits. We then closed, as with tradition, with the Hail Mary.


  • During the Life Nights, attendance is taken using a sign-in on the website ( Please let JT or another core member know if you need to use a church device to sign in.
  • Next Sunday, March 15, there will be an Open Life House where there is no planned structure for the night after Mass. The Life House will be open for use and socializing for any teens that desire to drop in. Life Teen staff and core members will be present. Light refreshments will be available during Open Life House nights.
  • Just a reminder, we will continue to phasing out cell phone use during the Life Nights by storing them away after the “Supper for the Soul” until the end of the night.

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