March 2020 Life Teen Updates and Summary

It was great to see a combination of LS&OLF pride on display at the boys hockey playoff game. Go Warriors! Go Life Teen!

UPDATE 3/21/20: Contingency Schedule In Place
The Life Teen Fatima Contingency plan is is now in place. For more information, please visit

UPDATE 3/11/20: Our Lady of Fatima COVID-19 Proactive Policy
Please note, a parish wide email went out regarding scheduling changes related to Our Lady of Fatima’s COVID-19 Prevention Program. If you did not receive this email, you can view it by clicking here. Given the increasing concern surrounding the spread of Coronavirus (COVID-19), the parish has deemed it prudent to put all of our faith formation programs on a two week hiatus while we assess the situation further. This includes:

  • High School Spring Overnight in Maine (3/13-3/15)
  • High School Open Life House (3/15)
  • Movie Night at Maynard Fine Arts Theatre (3/16)
  • Pizza & Prayer (3/17)
  • 10th Grade Confirmation Retreat (3/21)
  • High School Life Night (3/22)
  • Pizza & Prayer (3/24)
  • NOTE: Any scheduled Confirmation check-ins during this time period will not happen in person, we will attempt to make these happen via phone.

We will attempt to reschedule these events in the future if possible. For now, the top priority is safety.

This event is NOT the same as the Grade 10 Confirmation Retreat (see above)

With the growing concern over Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) in the United States, and with the caution recommended by the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, steps are being taken locally to minimize unnecessary travel and contact. With an overabundance of caution, we have determined it would be the safest call to not hold our Spring Retreat this weekend. It is upsetting to have to make this call, our team has been working hard to create a memorable experience on retreat. That hard work, however, is from a commitment to our teens and the best commitment we can make is playing is safe and minimizing any unnecessary risks.

While no one on the trip would is considered to be in an at-risk category for fighting off COVID-19, the transportation and intimate setting of the retreat would add steps of uncertainty if anyone began showing symptoms on the trip. Compared to a Life Night or Pizza & Prayer session, hosted locally, where quarantine and response could be addressed immediately if someone were to show COVID-19 symptoms, the proximity from home is just too for us to be able to play it safe this weekend.

On a personal level, I am really disappointed that we will not be able to dive deeper in our faith this weekend. The giant stride of confidence shown by all the teens to sign up for their first retreat was a remarkable sign of the spiritual commitment. I’m sorry we won’t be able to explore that this weekend. We will be sure to explore all workaround options and possible dates in the future where we can make this retreat happen down the road.

Any payments made towards this event will be returned. Please don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions or follow up.

Confirmation Action Items: 10th grade students and parents, if you have not submitted your Confirmation action items, please do so ASAP. I will be sending individual reminders out later this week for outstanding items. To see the Confirmation action items, visit

March 2020 Summary 
With the safety schedule notices posted above, the March 2020 schedule has been greatly reduced. Please use the Life Teen Fatima temporary contingency plan for updates as well as the events calendar We will attempt to reschedule canceled events when possible, additionally we will arrange to have curriculum materials available online if needed.