February 23 Life Night Recap

“Love Like This”

This night continued our series on vocations. The goal of this Life Night was to help teens understand the definition of true love, especially as it is expressed within our vocations. This night was designed to encourage teens not to settle for a lesser form of affection and will challenge them to live the two great commandments of love.
The night stressed three points:

  • Every person is called to reflect the love of God in the Trinity; we are called to the two great commandments — to love God and to love our neighbor.
  • Love is fully expressed as self-gift and sacrifice. This kind of love is called “agape” love and is modeled by Christ. We must strive to love God and love our neighbor by means of agape.
  • When our relationships, whether friendly or romantic, are not rooted in agape, they lack sustainability and cannot thrive.

Supper for the Soul:

This week’s Supper for the Soul theme was Tacos! Thank you to all of our volunteers who made the meal possible! Volunteers are needed for future meals throughout the semester. If you are interested in contributing, you can sign-up at lifeteenfatima.com/dinner


In the fast-paced world of 2020, we have cashier-free check-outs and self-driving cars. Speed and efficiency are key! Should our connections, and the way we meet, be the same? In this week’s gather we used a “speed-dating” model to learn more about one another.


In the 2/9 Life Night we discussed the vocation of marriage with witnesses from the couples in the Life Teen Band. Both couples noted how they were friends first before their relationships developed romantically. In this Life Night, we dived into the differences between friendship and romance and what the word “love” means in the first place.

We focused on how in English, the word “love” confusingly correlates with many different feelings and behaviors. While the way we love a favorite meal and the way we love our parents are different, we use the one word “love” to describe both experiences. In this Life Night, we discussed how in Greek, there are different words that translate into the word “love”. Knowing the different kinds of “love” allows us to better know just what love means and how we love. It can help us prevent having a speed-dating style of connecting with others.

  • Storge: The natural, instinctual and affectionate love. The kind of love you do “just because”. Examples would be helping someone who has just dropped something and made a mess or tending to a crying baby in the middle of the night. It is affectionate, but conditional and often self-serving.
  • Eros: Has to do with touch, feel, sound, and all the senses. Like storge, it is naturally occurring. Eros is passion and what we would likely associated with “mad love”. Also conditional.
  • Philia: This is brotherly love or friendship. Unlike storge or eros, philia happens by choice. Occurs from common bonds as simple as being in the same class or as complex as shared deep experiences. These bonds can become conditional and end up being barriers to forming new philia relationships.
  • Agape: This is supernatural, unconditional, sacrificial love. This is loving and not needing anything in return. This is how God loves us and was modeled by the sacrifice of Jesus. As humans, our limitations prevent us from loving via agape 100% of the time. Therefore we need reliance on God in how we love. Without agape added to the other three loves, and how we use them, their conditional self serving purposes are expressed.


This was our first cellphone-free Life Night. As we have been planning, we ditched phones after the “Gather” component of the night. This allowed for more flowing conversation, and less distractions, during the “Break”. This week, we broke into male and female small groups and discussed the four loves, and how they have played into our friendships and relationships.


Before closing for the evening, we briefly recapped the night. We then closed, as with tradition, with the Hail Mary.


  • Any teen that has been enjoying the Sunday evening Life Nights or Pizza & Prayer is strongly encouraged to join us for the upcoming Maine Retreat. This retreat is not part of the Confirmation curriculum and is open to any and all high school teens. For more information, visit lifeteenfatima.com/retreat
  • During the Life Nights, attendance is taken using a sign-in on the website (lifeteenfatima.com/signin). Please let JT or another core member know if you need to use a church device to sign in.
  • Next Sunday, March 1, there will be an Open Life House where there is no planned structure for the night after Mass. The Life House will be open for use and socializing for any teens that desire to drop in. Life Teen staff and core members will be present. Light refreshments will be available during Open Life House nights.
  • Just a reminder, we will continue to phasing out cell phone use during the Life Nights by storing them away after the “Supper for the Soul” until the end of the night.

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