February 9 Life Night Recap


This night continued our series on vocations. The goal of the night was to present marriage as a sacrament. This night was designed to help teens understand God’s plan for marriage and the role this sacrament plays in building up the Church. It asked teens to think about what kind of marriage they want to have, as well as what they will bring to their marriage rather than what they will “get” from it.
The night stressed three points:

  • The Sacrament of Matrimony is something that every teen has seen in their own lives. Their experience of witnessing the marriages of others, whether good or bad, impacts their hopes and fears for the possibility of his or her future marriage.
  • Marriage is a vocation. Like a vocation to the priesthood or religious life, it requires prayer and intentional preparation in order to follow God’s call and live a holy marriage.
  • Marriage reveals divine truths about the reality of God. God is a relationship, God creates, and God loves in a sacrificial way. The Sacrament of Matrimony is intended to reveal these qualities of God and provide a daily witness of the love Christ has for His Church.

Supper for the Soul:

We got our fill of carbs this week with a Spaghetti and Meatballs theme for Supper for the Soul. Thank you to all of our volunteers who made the meal possible! Volunteers are needed for future meals throughout the semester. If you are interested in contributing, you can sign-up at lifeteenfatima.com/dinner


A wedding takes lots of prep! To kick off the night, and burn off the pasta just consumed, the teens were broken into a few groups for a timed “wedding prep” challenge. Each group was tasked with decorating a multi-tiered wedding cake and constructing bride/groom wedding toppers for their cake. The clean-up crew averted their eyes while the teens got to work on their edible works of art!


Two of our favorite musical Life Teen couples dropped in and gave witnesses on marriage.

Camille and Danny shared their journey of transforming their college friendship into a vocation. All five of their daughters were present for a powerful talk on how marriage is a calling. They shared that marriage is not perfect, but that God is and how important God is to a marriage.

Megan and Jon shared their story from friendship to marriage as well. In another moving talk, they emphasized how important having a solid friendship with each other was before they could develop a deeper relationship.

Fr. Souza wrapped up the proclaim asking the teens what they saw in their future spouses. On the topic of dating, Fr. Souza emphasized how if our teens desire marriage and parenthood, that their dating lives should reflect that. “If you meet someone and you don’t think they would be a good parent or spouse, then don’t waste your time. Ultimately you deserve someone who is going to love you and your family completely. God is going to bring that person into your life on God’s time”


For the break, we separated into girl-only and boy-only groups and continued discussing the vocation or marriage. We discussed how we prepare to enter into a marriage and a relationship and what we contribute to a relationship.


Before closing for the evening, we briefly recapped the night. Where we typically close with the “Hail Mary”, in the spirit of Marriage and unity we closed prayer through our Father and Mother, prayer the Lord’s Prayer as well.


  • Any teen that has been enjoying the Sunday evening Life Nights or Pizza & Prayer is strongly encouraged to join us for the upcoming Maine Retreat. This retreat is not part of the Confirmation curriculum and is open to any and all high school teens. For more information, visit lifeteenfatima.com/retreat
  • Next Sunday, February 16, we will be having a Life Night themed around some of the church’s great female saints. The night will have curriculum but be more social and activities based. We hope anyone not away during break will join us. Teens with siblings in the middle school program are invited to bring their siblings along!
  • On Sunday we launched a new SnapChat account for Life Teen Fatima. Be sure to add “lifeteenfatima” on SnapChat! If you’re not on social media, you can still check out out our Instagram feed as it is on the bottom of our homepage at lifeteenfatima.com!
  • Just a reminder, we will be phasing out cell phone use during the Life Nights by storing them away after the “Supper for the Soul” until the end of the night.

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