January 26 Life Night Recap

“Would You Rather”

This night continued our series on vocations. The goal of the night was to define discernment and help the teens understand how discernment plays out in everyday life as we live our universal call to holiness. The night also provided practical ways to discern God’s will in both small and big decisions.
The night stressed three points:
• Discernment is needed for more than our vocation. It is something we can use for all decisions.
• Discernment will help us to find out how to love God, love others, and spread the Gospel. All people have this universal call to holiness.
• The Church provides guidance for discernment and provides tools to help people better understand what God is saying.

Supper for the Soul:

We had a pizza night during Supper for the Soul. Volunteers are needed for Supper for the Soul in February. Sign up using lifeteenfatima.com/dinner

Supper for the Soul is a nice time for the teens to socialize, catch up with one another, and prepare for the evening. It’s always a great time for forcing the youth minister to take selfies as well.


To get our night on discernment going, we viewed the latest feature from “OLF Productions”. In this movie, JT finds himself struggling to determine what his vocation should be and consulting with a “spiritual director” for advice. Click below to watch our latest Life Night movie. 


Matt M and Matt B gave witnesses on their vocational journeys. Matt B talked about what led him away from his traditional academic path, into the seminary, and on his way towards being a priest. Matt M discussed what also lead him to the seminary, and eventually out of it. Both emphasized how finding their callings dealt with trusting that God had a plan for them.


During small groups, the the emphasis was on discernment and how the process can often be very difficult. Groups discussed practicals ways to discern and getting around the speed bumps that can get in the way of it.


Before closing for the evening, we briefly recapped the night. We discussed how we can’t go with God’s flow until be jump in the water. This week we will pray on what keeps us from jumping in.

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